Thursday, December 2, 2010

ROR Final Product

This is it the final arraignment it's typographically dominate, fun, childish, and engaging. Did I miss anything?  Changing the type on the wall to red and enlarging the image has helped bring forward the text establishing a hierarchy, allowing for a good balance of space. I think it has turned out really well considering where I started. I have made great progression in my design and as the final project I feel I have learned a lot. 

ROR Poster Refinements

In these edited versions of my poster it is represented that I have adjusted the photograph allowing for the type, "We Want to…" to fit with in the space of the left wall. To make them a bit more typographically dominate I have cut and pasted the letter forms of the word read allowing it to stand out from the rest of the image. The cut out letter forms are working best on the bottom image, due to the white backing behind the red letters. I will only have few adjustments for making the final poster.

Big Leap in the Right Direction

In this round of variations, I took a risk and decided that I would try a new method to my approach on the ROR posters and it seemed to be working out, so I went with it. It seems I made the right the decision to scratch the digital images and work with the images above, because I got a lot of good feed back in my critique with Patrick and Abby.  I will be working on refining my last image from above. I was glad to understand in my critique that my poster now takes on my child like qualities and is working to fulfill the requirements needed to communicate the correct message. 

ROR PosterIterations

The above iterations for my ROR posters weren’t successful in the process of moving forward, instead they seemed to be more of a step backwards. Though they didn’t give appropriate iteration for this step in the process they still allowed me to see things in my work that I may not have originally thought to look at, like representation for example. The childish sense, which, we are focusing on in our posters, would appeal to the positive influence of reading to your children. This is important to notice in my top two posters due to the possibility of showing the struggle or negative context of forcing your child to read or the un-enjoyable factor of it. This is not how we want to influence our audience.