Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Creating for the Kids!

Reading, its a very important subject in allowing for communication and success. The Reach Out and Read foundation is focussing on the importance of reading to your kids, as infants, to help them gain exposure to vocabulary and verbal language. Reading to your kids at early ages also helps prepare them for school, allowing them to meet the standards needed to excel in their learning. 

My posters sketches as of right now are very static and need to develop a bit on their playfulness. The poster that I will be moving forward with in the developing process is the second to last one in the list of four. In continuation I am looking for more movement and more interesting forms, within a more dynamic composition. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Done Done Done

The process and completion of this project, though a bit difficult for me, thought me a lot. I still know that I could definitely take a bit more of a risk in fulfilling the assignment, allowing me to see more and learn more about the arrangements I was using. For my normal ability to think out of the box and push myself to think more creatively, it was a struggle for me on this in particular. I enjoyed seeing myself struggle while being able to see where it allowed me to learn from what I now could have done differently. I think could definitely take advantage of trying more abstract formats in the future, allowing me to gain more knowledge of how to stand out as a designer and show my creativity.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

So Close

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Previous related work/edits under: Web in Jpg

Friday, November 5, 2010

Allowing for the Final Touches

I'm much happier with my compositions than when we first started constructing them. I was reluctant as far as the simplicity of them, but I now think that it makes for better flow and understanding of the information being given to you. I found it hard, while working on the beginning stages of my compositions, to connect how I was placing and editing the spaces to how that viewer would read them. I'm not saying that it was difficult to arrange the content in a way, which was understandable to the viewer. I simply found that it was easier to remind myself of the need to communicate information without overwhelming the reader. This leads to why I chose to use only the minimum amount of information needed and refrain from using images/text in ways that would seem distracting.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Web + Grid = "Ooo."

Collaborative blog post with Sam

In relation to the current stage of our web page layout designs, Dan Auer documents his use of grids on web pages similar to the format we are using. His design included navigations, which in the future will be more applicable to our study in web design. Auer uses a larger grid format that allows for a cleaner and more simplistic design. While relating to our process, we lack a formal and simplistic grid system like Auer. Instead, we're working in allowance for freedom in space, not giving us the consistency and unity shown below.


FYI: Collaborative writing/blogging is difficult.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Web in Jpg

Creating web pages does not seem to be much of an interest of mine. It seems maybe I have a couple layouts that work but I'm unsure my use of vertical space verses horizontal space. The hardest thing for me on these assignment is creating hierarchy and allowing for variations in sizing between images. Balancing the space within a page is what I seem to have more of a focus on, this is good but not enough to make the image. While still keeping this factor consistent, I could work on balancing the movement of space with the use of what is within the space itself.