Friday, October 29, 2010

Find and Share Spread


This two page layout has a simple 3x3 column/row grid form, split up by both image and text. The source page of this magazine, the index, also uses a grid set up for the single page. Noticing the similarities of the two together, they both hold the sam compositional layout. The only difference is a single page verses a two page composure. I found this interesting when looking through multiple magazines, due to most being consistent as a whole set of page layouts rather than having a myriad of different types of layouts within a single magazine. Though, the general compositions may very between pages there is most always a distinct grid set for all of the pages combined. This may include having a full-bleed image on one page and next to that a set of text, title, etc, thus being repeated on every or every other pair of layouts throughout the magazine.

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